I am so excited to bring kids yoga to your family.

A typical KAY class incorporates singing, jogging, limbo-ing, dancing, massaging, games and so much more all woven into the original songs that we have created for our little ones. They don’t even notice that they are practicing yoga, meditation and pranayama (breathing) they are having so much fun. All classes end with the glorious trip to The Secret Garden where kids get that much deserved break from their day. 

KAY is a style of yoga that is based on the 5,000 year old science of yoga. Children are taught how to stretch and breathe and to meditate and deeply relax. If you were a practicing yogi watching a KAY class you would see and understand the beauty of our system. If you are not a yogi you might think we were just “kidding around” and playing. Kids love to sing and dance so we have more than 35 original songs on our 3 CDs that keep them moving. Jogging, Dancing, Limbo-ing, Massaging, Rocking and rolling, Laughing, Marching, you name it we have a song for it! And of course all of our classes end with a magical trip to The Peaceful Garden. We wouldn’t think of missing this part of class but then again our students keep us on our yogi toes and remind us when they walk in the door. The benefits of a KAY class are immeasurable. Come check it out!