"Cultivate a healthy body, a peaceful mind and a joyful heart"

Are you a tired mom? a new mom? a stay at home mom who seems to never get a break? a working mom who is currently working at home with all your kids learning virtually? Do your feet and back hurt from standing all day. Do you feel like you need to move your body but don't have the time? Or would you like to incorporate your kids into your practice but not sure where to start? Have you ever thought about yoga and meditation for your kids? If any of these scenarios describe you and whatever stage of motherhood you're in, I'm here to tell you its' possible. The practice of yoga will lift your spirits, connect your mind and body and you will be shocked by how much your kids love it. They may already see you working out and are probably mimicking your moves. Yoga allows you and your children to calm your minds, build focus, strength and move your body all at the same time. I would love for you to join one of my classes or we can set up an in-person or virtual class and you can see for yourself all the benefits yoga can do for you mama, your friends and your children. I can't wait to see you soon!!